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Prohibition of Cooking on Shabbat

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I’m a bit of a picky eater. So, I’d like to know: is there a deeper reason for me to be eating this stuff?
I am a professional. I work a lot. Quitting is not an option, and I leave work on Fridays barely in time to arrive home by sundown. Help!
I work full time, so I can’t cook anything very special for Shabbat . . .
"Nothing remains of his food; therefore his goods shall not prosper"—Job 20:21. It thus follows that if something does remain of one's food, his goods shall prosper. For this reason many have the custom of not finishing an entire loaf of bread; but to lea...
“Gefilte fish” is fish prepared in a certain manner, a dish traditionally enjoyed by Ashkenazi Jews on Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Before discussing gefilte fish, let’s first take a moment to discuss why it is customary to eat fish altogether on Shabbat....
On Shabbat we eat three meals: one on Friday evening, the second after the Shabbat morning prayers on Saturday morning or early afternoon, and the "third meal," called Seudah Shelishit, is a light repast eaten late Shabbat afternoon, often immediately fol...
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The prophet Isaiah (58:13) tells us, “And you will proclaim the Sabbath a ‘delight,’ and the holy [day] of G‑d, ‘honored.’ ” Noting that this verse requires us to both delight in Shabbat and honor it, our rabbis explain that one honors Shabbat by wearing ...
The most common application of your question is birthday cakes upon which "happy birthday" wishes are written with icing. We will therefore use a cake as an example to illustrate the basic rules: "Erasing" is one of the 39 Acts of Work which are prohibite...
Question: I have been invited over to a Chabad rabbi's home for a Friday night Shabbat meal. Is it proper for me to bring flowers, a bottle of wine, or some other sort of gift? I really don't want to turn up empty handed... Answer: How thoughtful of you! ...
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