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Friday Night

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Katia’s voice became choked with emotion as she continued, “I became very angry at Jews and at Judaism. I decided that it was not for me. ‘If Jews behave like this,’ I thought to myself, ‘it’s better for me to be among non-Jews.’”
Question: My husband is very hard to deal with. We have a kosher home, and he learned to keep the kitchen kosher, and we have Friday-night dinner and Shabbat lunch together. He does the kiddush, and the children overall enjoy the atmosphere. But after the...
To maintain a high level of spirituality and character amongst a society that is devoid of morals and ethics is the real test. This is why Jacob chose these two boys to be his own...
In many communities it is customary to bless one's children on Friday night before the Shabbat meal. Traditionally, the priestly blessing is recited, followed by the blessing Jacob bestowed upon Ephraim and Menasseh, Joseph's sons, or, for daughters, a bl...
The Friday night "Shabbat greeting" prayers have been legendary throughout the ages for their poetry and haunting and joyful melodies
On celebrating the spiritual and the material
As the sun slides down the sky and the air fills with a golden haze, a small crowd gathers in front of a gray house just south of the University of Oregon campus. It’s Friday night, and they are here to celebrate Shabbat
Orthodox in an Un-orthodox World
She makes a motion with her hands, drawing the heat of the candles to her face. Then her hands are over her face, as she performs the silent prayer
Detailed instructions for the novice on how to properly observe and experience Shabbat.
Mitzvah Studies - Article 3
As the new week begins, we reaffirm our constant remembrance of Shabbat and ensure that its sanctity is not forgotten even during the working week.
The Fourth of the Ten Commandments is: “Remember the Shabbat day to keep it holy ... for G‑d created the world in six days and rested on the seventh” [Exodus 20:8].
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