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Eshet Chayil

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Eshet Chayil: Eshet Chayil (Woman of Valor) is a beautiful 22-verse hymn and alphabetic acrostic from the book of Proverbs. It is traditionally sung in many Jewish homes on Friday night before kiddush.
Although I have not seen it documented, it seems that this originated with the mystics of Safed.
Hebrew Transliteration: Eshet chayil mee yimtza Verachok mi’pninim michra Batach ba lev baala Veshalal lo yechsar Gemelat’hu tov velo ra, Kol yemay chayeha Darsha tzemer ufishtim, Vatas bechefetz kapeha Hayta ka’aniyot socher, Memerchak tavee lachma Vatak...
After the evening service, we gather round the Shabbat table and sing Sholom Aleichem. The Talmud relates, “Two angels accompany a person on the eve of the Shabbat from the synagogue to his home.” The Sholom Aleichem song greets these Shabbat angels, requ...
The commencement of the Shabbat meal--the kiddush (sanctification)--sets the tone for the meal and day and defines what makes it special
Aishet Chayil is a special tribute to the Jewish woman. This song, written by King Solomon, sings the praises of the “woman of valor,” extolling her for her loves and labors and the light she brings to the Jewish home.
The glorious words in “Eishet Chayil” beckon the potential within, which waits to be revealed in every woman . . .
Songs for the Friday Night Meal
Simche Friedman sings traditional Shabbos songs for the Friday night meal: Shalom Aleichem, Eishes Chayil & Azamer Bi’Shvachin.
Question: What is the Jewish take on feminine beauty? Is it something to be ignored and neglected? Hidden behind a burka? Response: Not at all. The fact that the Scripture chooses to highlight the beauty of many biblical women – such as Sarah, Rebecca, Ra...
Artist’s Statement: A woman covers her eyes with her hands and says the blessing over the Shabbat candles. Her hands are shaped like doves to represent welcoming peace and the Shechinah into her house. The drawing is made using the text of Eishet Chayil, ...
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