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A Torah scroll is made up of 304,805 letters. If even one letter is missing or incomplete it renders the entire scroll invalid. This concept serves as a metaphor for the Jewish people; for our nation to be complete each one of us is necessary.During the s...
Sunday was a landmark day. A family on our street dedicated a new Torah in memory of their patriarch, and we had a great time dancing and singing as the new scroll was welcomed to its new home. A Torah scroll is handwritten and can take a year to complete...
A new Torah Scroll is brought into the synagogue accompanied by music and joyous dancing. Two more Torah scrolls are taken out of the ark to join in with the celebrations.
Artist’s Statement: The curtains have opened and the Torah is shining. Zion is a concept. It is a place. It is a sign and it is our home. This painting began as a landscape, painted in earth tones of the hills surrounding Jerusalem. Two years later I adde...
By Sara Seldowitz
Artist's Statement: This picture depicts the Torah scroll as a map, alluding to the fact that its teachings are a personal guide for inner peace, as well as the divine map for global peace.
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