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Manasseh (Son of Joseph)

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Manasseh (Son of Joseph): (a) Joseph’s eldest son. Born in Egypt before the onset of the fateful famine. His grandfather Jacob elevated him and his brother Ephraim to the status of progenitors of tribes within the nation of Israel. According to the Midrash, he served as his father's interpreter in the royal court. (b) A common Jewish name.
There is a tradition when we conclude a book of Torah or Talmud that we hold a Siyum, a celebration marking the successful conclusion of an entire section of Torah. At such occasions it is customary for the student/celebrant to deliver a talk where he or ...
What is the essence of the disagreement between Joseph and Jacob during the giving of the blessings to Joseph’s children? A lesson in how to deal with hostility in our lives today.
My family has been suffering for years now, not knowing what tomorrow may bring.
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