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Flood, The

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That's a great question--because it forces us to look deeper into the story, and learn even more from it. It doesn't come as surprise that our actions affect those around us, but less common is the understanding that we influence not only the people in ou...
Question: The following text from just before the flood seems to imply that G‑d did something wrong, was sorry for it, and surprised by its happening: "And the L-rd repented that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him in His heart. And the L-rd ...
An island of decency in a sea of depravity, was the hallmark of Noah. And so G-d despaired of Noah's generation and decided to begin anew the task of creating a human species worthy of its vaunted status.
The waters of the flood are like the waters of a ritualarium -- a mikveh -- where the waters spiritually cleanse the dross that accumulates in the course of our life's endeavors. The world received a spiritual cleansing, and this set the course of history...
We are all Noahs. Let us rebuild our world
Noah’s dispatch of the dove from the ark: passive and active anticipation.
How can it be that mere theft brought a much worse punishment than open rebellion against G‑d?
Something went terribly wrong. The beautiful, pristine world we read about in the beginning of Genesis had turned corrupt. G‑d decided to hit reset and begin anew.
It was terrifying not being able to breathe, while slowly fading with my thoughts racing.
The Great Flood: the transformation and purification of the world. The generation of the Flood were the closest descendants of the first man, who possessed unimaginable spiritual power, because he communicated directly with the Creator. Therefore the gene...
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