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Flood, The

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Letters and Numbers of Torah - Noach
The words "order the animals to leave the Ark" (Genesis 8:17) are written as if pronounced "forcibly remove the animals from the Ark." Why was it so difficult to leave the Ark and what can we learn from this about bringing holiness into our daily lives?
Discover the mystical dimension of the Great Flood and the story of Noach from the teachings of Chassidus.
Silent Cleansing
The unique gift of Cheshvan is that it has nothing special about it. It is the month of silence that comes from peace and tranquility. After refining ourselves and ridding ourselves of all the resistance, we can take the inspiration we’ve experienced and ...
How to Study Torah - Noach
Why G-d wanted Noah to make a public spectacle by building an ark all by himself. Understanding the verse "Make for yourself an ark..." (Genesis 6:14) and how Noah, as righteous as he was, failed as a spiritual leader.
Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 9
On the ark, Noah lived in a utopian state of harmony with his family and all the animals on board—so much so that G‑d had to force him to leave after the Flood was over. What is the parallel in our own lives? Guest Expert: Rabbi Manis Friedman. (From “Mes...
Go to any synagogue in the world and you will find numerous copies of the Five Books of Moses. Beneath the primary text on every page, there lies a subscript penned in an unfamiliar alphabet. This is Rashi - the greatest Torah commentary of all time. What...
In the ark, Noah focused entirely on serving his Creator. After the great flood, G-d commanded Noah, “Go out from the Teivah—the ark.” He was commanded to leave this ideal environment and reenter the world.
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