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Ecology; Enviromentalism

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Words of our sages concerning respect for all creations
They passed by a carcass rotting by the side of the road and one of the men exclaimed, “What a stench this carcass makes!” Upon which the pious man commented, “It has fine white teeth.” Meaning, “Why are you speaking of its ugliness? Contemplate that ther...
Why suppress human nature in favor of environmental nature? Are we not all part of the same ecological system?
Our responsibility to preserve G-d’s world
Torah charges us to cherish and preserve the environment, for all of nature is purposeful and is by Divine design. We are G-d’s custodians of the world.
Appreciating the environment is not merely another Cause; it reflects awareness of the Divine in all.
Appreciating the environment is not merely another Cause; it reflects awareness of the Divine in all.
The commandment of Bal Tashchit—do not destroy or waste—has long been considered central to a Jewish environmental ethic. What is the basis for the commandment?
. . . and how human beings affect their environment
We’re almost finished the Haggadah, and here are two rabbis debating the plague count. Why? Because it makes a big difference. How deeply can human beings affect their environment?
The Torah is called a “tree of life,” Proverbs 3:18. showing how trees connect to the highest Jewish values. Trees also symbolize a healthy and sustainable environment. The Torah is called a “tree of life.” “When G‑d created the first man, He took him and...
Long before tree-hugging was in, and before the world went green, there existed an ancient document, the bedrock of a historic people and their law, that advocated these values and more.
The sukkah, when done by the book, is incongruence itself: Live in a temporary structure as though it were permanent. What other structure does that remind you of?
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