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It was an age of boors and ascetics, a time of conflict between body and soul. Then a master appeared. "Don't beat your beast," he taught, "don't overload him and don't abandon him. Help him"
On the mitzvah of peter chamor, “redeeming the firstborn donkey”
Many are familiar with the mitzvah of pidyon haben, redeeming the firstborn son on the thirtieth day of his life. Exodus 13:2. Additionally, there is the related mitzvah that the firstborn male offspring of any kosher domesticated mammal (cows, sheep, goa...
Although not kosher, the donkey is the single non-kosher animal whose firstborn is holy.
I just read the news about a passenger who was not allowed to bring a “support peacock” onto a commercial flight and was wondering . . .
The History and Destiny of Moses' Donkey
An analysis of Rashi’s commentary regarding the donkey that Moses uses to transport his wife and children down to Egypt (Exodus 4.20). The class concludes with a profoundly spiritual and personal message. (Likutei Sichos vol. 31)
The Jewish community on the Hawaiian island of Kauai took part in the rare biblical ceremony known in Hebrew as a pidyon peter chamor, or redemption of a firstborn donkey.
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