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As my four grandsons watched wide-eyed, I could feel all the bubbies and zaidies in the room . . .
There was, though, one mitzvah that my grandpa cherished and upheld as far back as I can remember, and up until he became unable to stand: kiddush...
Well, maybe I am too old for camp, but whenever I think of a certain special summer of my childhood, I’m suddenly a kid again . . .
. . . and why we need to know
The big question of history is: why is there any history at all? Meaning, why is there a story, that which we call progress? How did history get its arrow?
She was about to move into an assisted living apartment. It was not something she was looking forward to. We knew that we had persuaded her to make the move . . .
I remember those moments, sitting there on my daddy’s lap watching the thumbnail marks gradually spreading over the page. That piece of time is crystallized in my memory. I can still replay the fascination with the idea that those thumbnail marks were cre...
A lesson in tradition
“One by one, the pawnbroker weighed the items to discern their value. But when he picked up the heart necklace—Momma suddenly let out a shout, ‘No!’”
If Tevye’s Judaism is anything to go by, don’t you think it’s time for an updated version?
My Daughter's First Prayer Book
So here I sit at my youngest daughter's siddur party, my digital camera poised in one hand, and my other hand wiping away a stray tear...
My Purim Question
A few years into the "mothering thing" my enthusiasm for these homey projects was on the wane. I opted for the clean and easy way to do the mitzvah of Shalach Manot: a trip to the kosher bakery for store-bought hamantashen...
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