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Alexander Jannaeus (Hasmonean king)

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Alexander Jannaeus (Hasmonean king): King of Judea for 27 years (c. 103-76 BCE), husband of Salome Alexandra. He declared himself high priest, killing or exiling most the Pharisaic leaders, as they considered him halachically unfit for this office. During Sukkot, he publicly disparaged the Pharisaic traditions in the Temple courtyard, inciting the people to pelt him with their etrogim. This served as a pretext to wage a war against the Pharisees which cost approximately 50,000 Jewish lives.
c. 75 BCE
In the year 91 BCE, Alexander Yannai of the Hasmonean family succeeded his brother Yehuda Aristoblus to the throne of Judea. Alexander Yannai was a Sadducee who virulently persecuted the Pharisees. At one point during his bloody reign, following a victory...
76 BCE
Hashmonean King Alexander-Yannai (Jannaeus), an avowed enemy of the Jewish sages, died on this date. So great was his cruelty and the ruthlessness with which he persecuted the Sages and those loyal to them (some 50,000 were killed in the years 82-76 BCE),...
The early Hasmonean rulers were righteous people who were careful not to assume the title of monarch. However, it is an old adage that power corrupts, and eventually the Hasmoneans usurped the throne, disregarding the tradition that only a descendant of K...
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