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Sadducees, The

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81 BCE
Shimon ben Shetach successfully completed the expulsion of the Sadducees (a sect which denied the Oral Torah and the authority of the Sages) who had dominated the Sanhedrin (Supreme Court), replacing them with his Torah-loyal disciples, on the 28th of Tev...
There were four primary groups of Jews during much of the Second Temple Era: Pharisees, Sadducees, Amei Haaretz, and Essenes.
How tolerant were Jews in the first century?
In the late Second Temple era, the Pharisees upheld the oral law and practiced the customs handed down by tradition, but the Sadducees held that Jews should only adhere to a strict literalist interpolation of the Law of Moses. Professor Martin Goodman exp...
A biblical history of the Jews
After the Hasmonean victory in the times of Chanukah, there was a period of in-fighting within the Hasmonean dynasty. Much of this conflict broke along ideological lines of Pharisees and Sadducees. Ultimately, this gave rise to the rule of the usurper Her...
A biblical history of the Jews
The Hasmoneans form a band of guerilla fighters called the Maccabees to defeat the wave of Hellenistic assimilation. After their miraculous victory, however, new troubles arose that would ultimately lead to the destruction of the Second Temple.
If the Jews had been united, they would have merited G‑d's protection. It was the factionalism among Jews that ultimately brought about the destruction of the Second Temple.
In the 2nd Temple Era, there existed a sect of Jews known as the Sadducees (named after their leader, Saddok). This misguided sect denied the Divine origin of the Oral Law, and lived their lives by their own interpretation of the Scriptures. One of their ...
It came to pass that one Sukkot, the honor of pouring the water on the altar was given to a Sadducee priest; but instead of pouring the water into its prescribed bowl in the southwest corner of the altar, this priest spilled it on his feet . . .
(4642-4702; 882-942)
abraham Rabbi Saadia ben Joseph, one of the last and most famous Gaonim, a great Talmudic scholar, Jewish philosopher and inspiring leader, was born in a small village near Fayyum, in Egypt (the site of the ancient city Pithom which together with Raamses ...
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