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Divine Power

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First a quake, now a hurricane . . .
Question: What's going on? First we had an earthquake that shook much of the East Coast, and now we have a hurricane coming our way. Earthquakes belong in the Pacific, and hurricanes belong in the Caribbean! Is this the beginning of the apocalypse? Respon...
The Underlying Reality
The most puzzling thing about G‑dliness is that it can be hidden from us. The true reality of everything that exists can be hidden from those very creatures that emerge from it.
The Omnipotence Paradox
You see a ray of light from the sun shining in through your window. "Where did you come from?" you ask. It answers, of course, that it came from the sun. So you ask it, "Let me see what you look like as you are in your source within the sun..."
It's me again. Down here. This tiny fleck, in the huge vastness of Your universe. Me asking You, once again, to fulfill my needs. My wants.
We were brutally reminded that this world is still guided by powerful, unseen forces
All the responsibility, no room for despair
Free will is scary. Free will means there are consequences to my actions; that if something goes wrong as a result of my choices, I’m responsible. The question is: Just how badly can I mess up? If G‑d created me withAm I the god of my own life? a purpose,...
Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 8
In this lesson we take a look at the famous Adon Olam prayer, which describes G-d’s absolute sovereignty. Next, we reflect on the covenant and special merit of our patriarch, and specifically the Binding of Isaac.
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