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Prayer Book; Siddur

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Understanding Prayer
Exploring the history of prayer, the structure of the siddur, and the morning blessings.
Its tear-stained and cracked pages tell the story of Jewish bravery and faith in the face of suffering and deprivation.
A Fascinating Examination of a 12th Century Haggadah
Unlocking the insights of a medieval manuscript in an Oxford library
One of the worlds oldest prayer books, housed in an Oxford library, provides new insight into the history of Jewish prayer.
The emergence of the first text of the Siddur & Haggadah
What caused Rav Amram Gaon to finally redact the complete text of the siddur?
The evolution of the Siddur & Torah Shel Baal Peh
Exactly when was the Siddur and Haggadah formulated? Who was it formulated by? Was it written down once it was formulated?
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