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Alexander of Macedonia ("The Great")

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4th Century BCE
Egyptian representatives appeared in the court of Alexander the Great, demanding that the Jews pay restitution for all the Egyptian gold and silver they took along with them during the Exodus. Geviha the son of Pesisa, a simple but wise Jew, requested the...
313 BCE
On Kislev 21 of the year 3448 from creation (313 BCE), there occurred the historic meeting between Shimon HaTzaddik and Alexander ('the Great") of Macedonia. The Samarians, bitter enemies of the Jews, had convinced Alexander that the Jews' refusal to plac...
The name Alexander is unique in that its origin is definitely not Jewish.
With the passing of the last prophets, a glorious era came to an end for the Jewish people.
A biblical history of the Jews
Toward the end of the Second Temple Era, the influence of Hellenistic values became a threat to Jewish existence.
The Greeks brought culture, rationalism, geometry, drama, and appreciation of beauty. What point is there in celebrating the victory of those who resisted progress?
Part 1
The special role of the Men of the Great Assembly, the sovereignty of the Greeks and the influence of Hellenism with the story of Chanukah.
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