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Torah Books

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Talmud, The (2,986)
Tanach (402)
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As our Sages teach, a beautiful home is important. But what brings out the true beauty of one’s home are the beautiful Mitzvos and holy books found within.
A scholarly rumination addressing Sifrei Kodesh (sacred manuscripts and books)—the overriding theme of the contemporary Chassidic festival “Hei Tevet - Didan Notzach.” By tracing back to the earliest sources, this careful analysis of Torah fascinating fac...
The on-point, off-beat course on the transmission of Torah
Scroll Down is designed to initiate auditors into a first acquaintance with the Torah and with Jewish history and ideas. The video lessons are presented at an introductory level of Jewish Studies at college.
A Home Full of Sefarim
One of the Rebbe’s special mitzvah campaigns was for every Jewish home to be “filled” with holy Torah books. Discover the immense significance and transformative capacity to this seemingly unconventional campaign.
A tour of the exhibit featuring antique books from the earliest Hebrew prints
This exhibit showcases antique books, culled from the library’s massive 250,000-book collection, contain works that were printed between 1475 and 1574, during the first 100 years of the printing press in Europe. Rabbi Shalom Dovber Levine gives a comprehe...
Manuscripts, Incunabula, Antique Books and Leaflets
A special exhibition at the Chabad Research Library displays old and rarest Hebrew manuscripts and antique books, providing a fascinating window into the history of the Jews in Spain, Italy and beyond.
Throughout the ages, it just wasn't a possibility for most people to publish their own Torah ideas. But today, authentic Torah study must be encouraged. Even if you are uncertain, don't hesitate when it comes to writing and publishing Torah.
A timeless "The Itche Kadoozy Show" classic from the silent film era.
Scroll Down - Part 4
Biblical exegesis, or the interpretation (Drash) of the Torah, was part of the rabbinic tradition since the earliest literary period. What makes certain interpretations valid and others not? Why is interpretation needed altogether?
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