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How Important is Time? The time for the mitzvah of circumcision is the eighth day after birth, as it is written:Vayikra 12:3. "On the eighth day, you shall circumcise the flesh of his foreskin." If a child is not circumcised on the eighth day, the act may...
Likkutei Sichos, Vol. XII, p. 70ff. I. On the verse,Vayikra 12:2. “When a woman gives seed and gives birth to a male,” our Sages comment:Niddah 31a. “When a woman gives seed first, she will give birth to a male. When a man gives seed first, she will give ...
The previous Sidra, Shemini, contained the laws of ritual cleanliness and purity as applied to animals. This week’s Sidra applies the same concepts to men and women. In the Midrash, Rav Simlai draws an analogy between the fact that animals were created be...
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