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Septuagint, The (Greek Translation of Torah)

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In the fortieth year, on the first day of the month of Shevat, Moses began translating the Torah into the various languages of his time. What is the significance of Moses' translation? Is translating the Torah always a good thing, or can it also have nega...
Why did Moses translate the Torah into 70 languages and what did it accomplish?
The Midrash tells us that Moses taught the Torah in Seventy languages, the seventy primary languages of the world. The Talmud relates that when King Talmi asked the sages to translate the Torah into Greek it was deemed a tragedy. What is the tragedy Moses...
246 BCE
In a second attempt to translate the Torah into Greek (after an unsuccessful attempt 61 years earlier), the ruling Greek-Egyptian emperor Ptolemy gathered 72 Torah sages, had them sequestered in 72 separate rooms, and ordered them to each produce a transl...
Translation is a sensitive and possibly dangerous process. Our sages commented that the day the Torah was translated into Greek “was as difficult for the Jewish people as the day when the Golden Calf was made.”
Often, an extremely fine line distinguishes between the purest truth and the most distortive falsehood. Why was the Golden Calf the gravest of sins and the most perfidious of betrayals, while the golden cherubs in the Sanctuary were the epitome of holines...
Knowing of the great fame of the Torah, Ptolemy II ordered 72 sages to come to Alexandria. When they arrived, he isolated each one to prevent collaboration, and demanded that they translate the Torah into Greek.
A biblical history of the Jews
Toward the end of the Second Temple Era, the influence of Hellenistic values became a threat to Jewish existence.
Practical Parshah - Devarim
Moses translated the Torah into the languages of his day. What are the rules, and the risks, of translating Torah into other languages?
The Philosophy of Judaism and Joy
Professor William Kolbrener tells his personal story of spiritual growth and asks the deep philosophical question, "Can you be Jewish and still follow your bliss?"
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