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Age of the Universe

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The Jewish View on the Age Old Question
The Kabbalists describe a hierarchy of being, starting with an Ultimate Source which transcends the whole system of being and not-being, and working down through a systematic, interlinked chain (“evolution”) of multiple universes that terminate at our roc...
Genesis, Darwin and Life in Two Worlds
A new science that sees consciousness not as an epiphenomenon, but as a building block of existence
“I concluded my letter,” Dr. Greene recalls, “by saying that the Rebbe had best stick to his field of expertise, Torah, and leave science to scientists . . .”
Really! Have you ever heard of carbon dating? Aren't there stars a millions light years away? Have you ever heard the word "dinosaurs"?
The whole Torah-versus-science "problem", the Rebbe maintained, is based on a popular misconception as to what science is
Part 1
Addressing in brief the apparent incompatibility between science and religion and why Judaism has no such problem.
The Rabbi and the Scientist
The scientific view on evolution and creation and the way religious people (including those of other religions, as well) view evolution; Also a look at what proofs each side has.
Persons who felt impelled to interpret certain passages in the Torah differently from the time honored traditional interpretation, did so only in the mistaken belief that the Torah view was at variance with science…
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