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Blessing on Food

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HaMotzi (1)
If you were a granola bar about to be eaten, what would you have to celebrate?
Part 1: Holy Bananas
Mindful eating begins by opening a channel. Tzvi Freeman works backwards, step by step, disclosing the thoughts behind a mindful blessing.
The Talmud on Food Blessings, Lesson 1
This class focuses on the principles related to the blessings recited before and after the consumption of food.
Something Spiritual on Parshat Haazinu
We recite a blessing before and after eating in acknowledgment of G-d for sustaining us.
The origin and power of blessings
History and Facts by Dina
Some stuff about the blessing on vegetables by Dina.
Itche and Jono work out their privacy issues while they help a guy make Brachot before eating. Fun is had by all.
Rabbi Kadoozy tries to answer an e-mail about the blessings to be said before eating food. When his wacky neighbor Jonathan shows up hilarity ensues.
How to recite the blessing on bread at the Shabbat meal.
Structure of the Grace After Meals
What is the order in which the paragraphs of the Grace After Meals must be recited? The Talmud discusses the structure of this lengthy blessing and also asks, parenthetically, how we know that we are also required to make blessings before eating as well.
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