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Blessing on Food

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If you were a granola bar about to be eaten, what would you have to celebrate?
Part 1: Holy Bananas
Mindful eating begins by opening a channel. Tzvi Freeman works backwards, step by step, disclosing the thoughts behind a mindful blessing.
The Talmud on Food Blessings, Lesson 1
This class focuses on the principles related to the blessings recited before and after the consumption of food.
Food Blessings Workshop
The textual formula for blessings contains some consistent features that are easy to learn.
So you said a blessing and asked G-d for some of His food—did you get an answer? Isn’t it still His, no matter how nicely you asked? What does muttering a few Hebrew words before partaking really accomplish?
Seder Birkas HaNehenin
A series of advanced classes that provide an overview of the halachos of brachos, food blessings, based on the Seder Birkas HaNehenin, a compendium of laws on "blessings over benefits" authored by the Alter Rebbe .
Some things are so very astounding that the casually passing mind refuses to notice the wonder.
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