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Avinu Malkeinu

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Avinu Malkeinu (“Our Father, Our King”) is a beloved element of the High Holiday service as well as the prayers said on fast days throughout the year. The kernel of this prayer, which was recorded in the Siddur of Rabbi Amram Gaon (9th century Babylon), c...
Avinu Malkeinu in Hebrew Avinu Malkeinu in English (The Ark is opened.) Our Father, our King, we have sinned before You. Our Father, our King, we have no King but You. Our Father, our King, act [benevolently] with us for the sake of Your Name. Our Father,...
A traditional and solemn Chabad melody for the High Holidays “Avinu Malkeinu” prayer. From a live performance in Petach Tikva, Israel: sung by Simche Friedman with violinist Shimmy Veishandler.
A father gives love; a king makes demands. Why do we need both?
Question: Why do we omit Avinu Malkeinu from the Yom Kippur prayers when Yom Kippur is on a Saturday? Response: One of the highlights of the High Holiday service, the Avinu Malkeinu is a beautiful prayer in which we beseech G‑d for healing, sustenance and...
All other Jewish holidays have something happy and beautiful about them. Rosh Hashanah only frightens me.
1. Avinu Malkeinu 2. An'im Zemiros 3. Ki Anu Amecha
Avinu Malkeinu, Our Father our King; An'im Zemiros, I sing songs and melodies I will weave; Ki Anu Amecha, We are Your people and You are our G-d.
This soulful melody is divided into three parts. The first, wordless, elevates the singers to a deeply spiritual mood. The second expresses yearning for the Divine, while the third is a declaration of faith in the help of our Father and King.
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