Haneiros Hallalu

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A colorful, lively Chanukah composition with symphonic overtones. It was first sung by the students of the Lubavitcher Yeshivah in the town of Lubavitch, Russia, nearly a century ago. Even to this day, Haneiros Halolu ignites the Chanukah spirit in thousa...
Traditional prayer, sung after the lighting of the menorah.
This melody was sung by the Chabad students is based mainly on emotion of the heart and the expression of the soul
4 Teves, 5741-1980
Haneiros Hallalu
A rare clip of “Haneirot Hallalu,” the text said after lighting of the Menorah, being sung at a Farbrengen.
1st Night of Chanukah, 5741 • December 3, 1980
Haneirot Hallalu
The words of this Niggun recount the miracles of G-d, which are evoked by the Chanukah lights. It is sung each night of Chanukah, after lighting the Menorah.
Niggun - Haneiros Halalu
Chassidim sing Haneiros Halalu after the lighting of the Menorah on the fifth night of Chanukah in 1990.
Chanukah Live - 5751-1990
Scenes from a “Chanukah Live” celebration which was telecast simultaneously all over the world.
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