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Hop Kozak

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Purim, 5732-1972
The Rebbe mentions the custom of singing this Russian Chasidic Nigun on Purim, and the crowd sings the Nigun.
Purim, 5733-1973
A lively Chasidic Niggun, attributed to the “Shpoler Zeide.” During the Niggun, the Rebbe motions to whistle, and later stands up to encourage the singing.
22 Nissan, 5748 • April 9, 1988
“Jump, Cossack, Jump”. Rabbi Aryeh Leib of Shpoleh, the “Shpoler Zeide” danced to this song in competition against a cossack to gain the freedom of a poor, Jewish innkeeper.
Hop Kazak, a lively melody attributed to the prominent chasidic master, Rabbi Aryeh Leib of Shpola, known as the Shpoler Zeide.
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