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Didan Notzach

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20 Menachem Av, 5746-1986
The Rebbe encourages the singing of this “victory song.”
Farbrengen, 10 Shvat, 5747 • February 9, 1987
The words Didan Notzach (We will be victorious!) had been added to this older tune to express the hope that the Rebbe and Chassidim would win the court case to keep the books of the Previous Rebbe in the hands of the Lubavitch Movement. A month prior, on ...
10 Shevat, 5746 • January 20, 1986
“Victory is Ours” (--quoted from Midrash). This Niggun was adapted to these words to express the desire for the return of the holy books to their rightful place and refers more broadly to the "victory" of all things holy.
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