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Medini, R. Chizkiah (Sdei Chemed)

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Medini, R. Chizkiah (Sdei Chemed):

Chaim Hezekiah Medini (1833 - 1904), also known as the S'dei Chemed -- the title of his chief halachic work -- was a legendary Torah scholar. Born in Jerusalem, he moved to Constantinople and then the Crimea, where he served the Jewish community with dedication and kindness, but continued to long for Jerusalem. After many years, he returned in 1889, but upon hearing that he was wanted to serve as Rishon Letzion (chief rabbi), he moved to Hebron, hoping to be allowed to study in peace. However, he eventually relented and served as chief rabbi -- in Hebron -- until his passing in 1904.

Rav Chaim Chizkiya Medini is best known for his monumental, 18-volume work, S'dei Chemed, a halachic encyclopedia referred to by halachic authorities and scholars throughout the world.

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Kislev 25 is the yahrtzeit (date of passing) of Rabbi Chaim Chizkiah Medini (1832-1904), author of the Halachic encyclopedia Sdei Chemed.
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