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Shacharit (morning prayer)

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Shacharit (morning prayer): (lit. "the dawning"); the morning prayer service
Rise and Climb
It’s time to climb a ladder, to ascend to the heavenly spheres and fortify our sensitivity for G‑d and spirituality. After this daily booster we descend, equipped to tackle the day and the struggles it will present . . .
'Who clothes the naked.'
'Who clothes the naked.'
Recordings of the morning prayers recited in Hebrew
Learn to recite the daily prayers as they’re read from the siddur in the original Hebrew and daven like a pro.
We have been tempted during these past hours to cut corners, tell fibs, and succumb to anger and give in to temptation.
The natives are friendly, so feel free to reach out if you have a question. Really.
“Who do you pray with every morning?” T asks. “I don’t know,” I reply, “just people.”
Since we were given the mitzvah of tzitzit in Abraham's merit, we wear the tallit specifically for "his" prayer--Shacharit...
Morning Blessings
Wisdom from the hole of a bagel: Start with the knowledge that you are nothing, and your bread will always satisfy.
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