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Maharsha: R. Shmuel Eliezer Eidels, 1555-1631, author of a commentary on the Talmud
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Kislev 5 is the yahrtzeit (date of the passing) of Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Eidels (1555-1631), known by the acronym "Maharsha". Rabbi Shmuel authored a highly regarded and widely used commentary on the Talmud and its primary commentaries, Rashi and Tosfot. L...
(5315-5392; 1555-1631)
Rabbi Samuel Eliezer Halevi Edeles was born in Posen about the middle of the sixteenth century. He lived at a time when there were very great Talmud scholars, and he took his place among the greatest. Even among such great lights of the exponents of the T...
One of the townsfolk left his house at midnight every night and headed to the forest outside the city.
Jewish life in Poland. Rabbi Moshe Isserless. The Maharsha. Rabbi Shlomo Luria. Rabbi Joel Sirkes and Rabbi Meir of Lublin. Va'ad Arba Aratzos. Jewish economic activity. The shtetl. The Maharal of Prague. Other Torah centers.
Part 3 of “Is Midrash For Real?”
Which world is more real? The world of action, or the world where we perceive the effects of our actions?
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