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Yearning for and Anticipating the Redemption

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Check luggage: $50. Want three more inches of legroom: $28. Now one airline even wants to charge for carry-ons, and has increased passenger loads by installing non-reclining seats!
How can I fathom G‑d's pain, when He is the cause of our remaining in this bitter exile? Should I feel sorry for someone who in the process of hurting or punishing others gets hurt himself?
We must let the power-that-is know that we are highly dissatisfied. I ask of you all to go in droves to the local town hall meeting and vent. Scream and rage, beg and demand...
It's hard to know for sure, since foreign reporters have been banned from Iran, but the protest seems to have been cruelly crushed, at least for now. This is an ominous development. But there is a silver lining...
Nationally, the picture is improving—but go tell that to any of the 345,000 people who lost their jobs in May. They are the proverbial hunting dogs who have not yet heard the good news...
The Anguish of Unanswered Questions
A Crown Heights resident was killed in cold blood by an assailant. And the Rebbe spoke. He was trembling, even his lectern was shaking...
I have a theory. I think that Obama won the nomination not despite his ambiguity on the issues, but because of it...
The Political Controversy Surrounding the Haiti Relief Efforts
Countries are up in arms—over what? Over the right to come to the aid of a poor and helpless nation that is of absolutely no strategic interest to anyone!
Cures are found, but diseases reappear with aggression; we combat them and so it goes. It's tempting to think that if we fix "it" we'll have nothing to worry about ever again. Ha! If only it was so simple.
How do we reduce healthcare costs? It would seem reasonable to start with identifying the reasons behind the soaring costs. Then, hopefully, we can start cutting them—and passing the savings on to the consumers.
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