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Yearning for and Anticipating the Redemption

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Where does Moshiach fit into the Jewish belief system? Is it something we need to look forward to? Why?
I would like to know where it is written in the Torah that we should await and yearn for the arrival of a leader who will be the Moshiach.
Likkutei Sichos, Volume 20, Vayechi, Sicha 1
Imagine if the Jews who lived through the Holocaust or the Khmelnitsky pogroms had learned that Mashiach would not come in their time. What would they have felt?
Why we faithfully await and anticipate his coming
Drawing on an array of classical sources, this class sets out to clearly define the essence of the Torah mandated faith in global redemption to be brought about by an anointed Jewish King. Clarifying exactly what we are supposed to believe in and why this...
The real deal on Chabad’s apocalyptic calculations, and why Jews have always predicted elusive ends.
To live messianically is not to abandon the present moment, but to live the present moment so completely that it transcends its own limitations.
I never imagined that such a reductive view of my life’s stuff could so aptly tell the story of us, but in many ways it does . . .
Why can’t people become better, more wholesome, more peaceful and G‑d-conscious as we progress towards Moshiach? The answer follows the lines of the unusual law of the pure leper.
If you are ready for the world to finally operate in harmony with its design and purpose – why mince words?
Check luggage: $50. Want three more inches of legroom: $28. Now one airline even wants to charge for carry-ons, and has increased passenger loads by installing non-reclining seats!
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