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Tribal affiliation follows the direct paternal line, while the question of Jewishness follows the maternal line. Does this mean that genetic testing is a valid way of ascertaining whether one is Jewish or a kohen?
Rabbi Steinsaltz introduces several of the pressing questions raised by past and potentially future biological engineering techniques, such as artificial insemination, surrogate motherhood, animal and human cloning, genetic engineering, and artificial int...
Modernity is precarious. Our soul believes life has purpose and meaning, while our brains consider our bodies to be no more than walking water bottles of biochemical reactions.
Rabbi Steinsaltz discusses whether cloned humans or other forms of beings with artificial intelligence would be viewed legally as human beings. He relates the discussion to the question regarding the relationship between the body and soul.
The debate over stem cell research raised serious and fundamental ethical, moral and theological dilemmas, which cut across the social conscience and tore at the very heart of mankind's longing to heal...
The ethical position of the Torah with regards to cloning, as well as its Halachic ramifications, is of great discussion among contemporary scholars of Jewish law. I will limit this response to the actual question you asked -- cloned animals vis-à-vis the...
The Rabbi and the Scientist
The astonishing ways of cloning and the Halachic views. Also, a source for cloning from thousands of years ago.
The four categories of Jewish law: Under which of the four categories does cloning fall; to whom does the child belong; what makes a child yours according to the Jewish law.
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