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Is Lox and Cream Cheese Kosher?
Believe it or not, there is indeed discussion whether this innocuous-seeming staple of Sunday morning post-prayer brunches is ok for consumption under the kosher dietary laws. Now, there is nothing inherently un-kosher in either lox or cream cheese (as lo...
Question: Is fresh-water eel kosher? I know that the eel is really a fish, with very small scales and elongated fins, so shouldn't this popular sushi fish be kosher? Answer: Eel are not kosher, though they seemingly have both signs that demarcate kosher f...
“Gefilte fish” is fish prepared in a certain manner, a dish traditionally enjoyed by Ashkenazi Jews on Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Before discussing gefilte fish, let’s first take a moment to discuss why it is customary to eat fish altogether on Shabbat....
Eleven Answers to One Question
The prophet Isaiah (58:13) tells us, “And you will proclaim the Sabbath a ‘delight,’ and the holy [day] of G‑d, ‘honored.’ ” Noting that this verse requires us to both delight in Shabbat and honor it, our rabbis explain that one honors Shabbat by wearing ...
Shellfish do not have kosher signs. But what if they did?
There is a commonly held belief that where a fish lives determines whether it is kosher. Is this the case?
Scallops do not have fins and scales.
Mussels do not have fins and scales.
Shrimp does not have fins and scales.
Oysters do not have fins and scales.
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