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Kosher Signs

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Unlike mammals, the Torah does not specify signs to differentiate between kosher and non-kosher birds. The Torah (Deuteronomy 14:11-21) lists twenty-four types of forbidden fowl (eg. owl). All other fowl are assumed to be kosher (eg. chicken). The sages o...
With the exception of very few and specific communities, we don’t find that Jews eat locusts—and it doesn’t just have to do with taste.
In theory, if we could identify the 24 classes of birds listed in the Torah, we could eat any bird not on this list…
Why do Jews give the poor old pig such a hard time?
Question: Is fresh-water eel kosher? I know that the eel is really a fish, with very small scales and elongated fins, so shouldn't this popular sushi fish be kosher? Answer: Eel are not kosher, though they seemingly have both signs that demarcate kosher f...
Shellfish do not have kosher signs. But what if they did?
There is a commonly held belief that where a fish lives determines whether it is kosher. Is this the case?
The ethical position of the Torah with regards to cloning, as well as its Halachic ramifications, is of great discussion among contemporary scholars of Jewish law. I will limit this response to the actual question you asked -- cloned animals vis-à-vis the...
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