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Giraffes, leopards, and the ape family. Watch videos of these animals, learning interesting facts about how they lead their lives, and learn Jewish lessons from all of G-d's creatures...
Zebras neither chew their cud nor have split hooves.
Kangaroos don't chew their cud and have split hooves, as kosher mammals must.
The rabbit does not have a split hoof and is therefore not considered a kosher animal.
It lives in water like fish, but science considers it a mammal.
The giraffe is a gorgeous and gentle creature that stands out among animals like a skyscraper among buildings. He is by far the tallest of the animals and he grows up to 20 feet high! There are no taller living things in the world except trees. The giraff...
Admired for its distinctive beautiful fur, the leopard is graceful, alert, and cunning, and is believed to be more intelligent than other big cats. The leopard is a master of camouflage. His spotted coat blends so much with his surroundings that even the ...
In everyday speech, the name "monkey" is given to hundreds of different species of the same order (the order of primates - chief order of the animals). Primates share many characteristics such as five-fingered hands with opposing thumbs, forward-facing ey...
Deep revulsion, but a promising future
There are plenty of other animals that aren’t kosher either, but none of them arouse as much disgust as the pig. Why?
Is it permitted for a Jew to have a pet pig? Can a Jewish farmer raise pigs for business purposes, for sale to non-Jews?
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