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What religion should one choose? Does any other religion fit for the Jew? In this fascinating lecture Rabbi Schochet, a leader in responding to missionaries, disputes their claims.
I was accosted at the beach today by a guy from Jews for Jesus. He offered me a New Testament in Yiddish and said that many Jews have been "saved" by accepting Jesus as the messiah.
A Journey Back From Christianity
No matter how much I talked the talk and walked the walk, my inner soul was crying. I married a non-Jewish man and had two sons. My soul cried out to me that they are Jewish!
Question: For years, we have been closing Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with the Lord’s Prayer, as do many other groups. We sometimes have Jewish people attending, and I had been taught this was a universal prayer. Lately, by request, we have begun to con...
By order of King James I of Aragon (Spain), Nachmanides (Rabbi Moses ben Nachman, 1194-1270) was compelled to participate in a public debate, held in the king's presence, against the Jewish convert to Christianity, Pablo Christiani. His brilliant defense ...
What’s the big deal about entering a non-Jewish place of worship to show respect?
Is It Permitted to Tour the Vatican and View Its Artwork?
Explore halachic debates on the parameters of idolatry and the status of other religions.
The original Christians were Jews who acted Jewishly in all respects except for their belief in Yeshu. Eventually, the Christians realized that the Jewish people would not accept their idolatrous beliefs, and decided to introduce their religion to the Gen...
Although most sages lived in Babylonia, there still was a sizable Torah community in Eretz Israel.
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