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Outer Space

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It's never the answer you would expect
On July 20, 1969, I was old enough to follow the moon landing down to the detail, but still too young for cynicism. I collected every magazine and newspaper article I could find on the topic. But what stands out in my memory the most was the mood in the a...
The Jewish view on UFOs, aliens and extraterrestrial intelligence
Dr. Velvl Greene was enlisted by NASA in their project to determine if there is life on Mars. When he asked the Lubavitcher Rebbe privately if this was something he should be doing . . .
It was morning, and despite the elements, despite the obstacles, these hearty Jews were at synagogue. I realized that the Jew is indeed, as G‑d promised to Abraham, like the stars of the sky.
To us on earth, looking with the unaided eye and perhaps not thinking too much about the matter, the stars seem tiny and insignificant. Yet each is a powerful and unique force.
Would the discovery of ETs (extra-terrestrials) threaten organized religion?
From inner space to outer space
Gain insight into Torah perspectives on life beyond Earth, the ramifications of unimaginable technological advances, and life in the unexplored depths of ourselves, as seen in the works of the great Jewish thinkers from Maimonides to the Lubavitcher Rebbe...
Sixty-seven different steps have to happen in sequence so that a newborn infant can go from a creature that lives in water to an oxygen-breathing baby. If a company tried to build it, it wouldn’t work
In one pivotal moment, the star seems to be relating its life story: birth, growth, death, and even afterlife, fuse together in a strange and tragic way
Something Spiritual on Parshat Lech-Lecha
Are we really influenced and defined based on our personal constellation? The story of Abraham being shown the stars, unlocks the answer.
It’s a phenomenon predicted by Albert Einstein nearly a century ago, but never directly observed until now . . .
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