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What the Torah has to say about this Rosh Hashanah favorite
You may be familiar with the custom of dipping an apple into honey on Rosh Hashanah, but where else does honey feature in Jewish tradition? Let’s explore the Torah sources that discuss this sweet treat. Honey in the Scriptures Land of Milk and Honey. The ...
The rabbis of the Talmud discuss this question.Bechorot 7b The Mishnah states "that which comes from something which is not kosher is not kosher, and that which comes from something which is kosher is kosher." So, for example, the milk of a camel or the e...
Question: Must 100% pure honey be certified kosher for Passover? How about the rest of the year? Why? Answer: Although 100% pure honey does not require kosher certification during the year, I have seen that the Star-K recommends that only honey that is ce...
Let’s take a close look at honey, the sweet side of nature. What is it, and from where do we get it?
On Rosh Hashanah we eat apples and honey for a sweet new year. Why specifically apples and honey?
Seldom, if ever, does it occur to us that when we spread honey on our bread, or cereal, and enjoy its sweetness, we are actually enjoying the juice of sweet flowers, The bee-that little creature which can give a very painful sting- is the one which gather...
Amongst the laws of sacrifices the Torah prohibits offering any yeast/leaven or honey on the altar. Exploring the significance and symbolism of this mitzvah on five levels of understanding.
Are Bees' Legs Kosher?
Last year I came to your services and found them to be happy, light, musical and joyous. I enjoyed the experience, but I’m wondering, is it fitting to be so upbeat on days when we are seeking forgiveness for our sins?
Why not mangoes dipped in maple syrup, for example?
Some of our greatest sages asked the same question; let's see what they have to say: When G‑d spoke to Moses at the burning bush, He informed him that He would redeem the Israelites and bring them to a "good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and...
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