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Kol Nidrei

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Kol Nidrei: (lit. "all the vows"); solemn prayer opening the evening service of Yom Kippur
According to Kabbalah, Kol Nidre is more than a technical vow-annulment procedure. Rather, by releasing our vows we are asking G‑d to reciprocate in kind . . .
A look at the development of this iconic prayer based on manuscripts housed in the Bodleian Library at Oxford, one of the largest collections of Hebraic manuscripts in the world.
What is the origin of this ancient prayer? Why does Jewish tradition lend so much weight and solemnity to this seemingly technical prayer of vow-annulment procedure? A historical, musical and inspirational perspective on one of the most important and holi...
Why is Yom Kippur introduced with the annulment of vows?
An exploration of the origins of this prayer; unpacking its legal and mystical dimensions.
High Holiday Cantorial Classics
Chazan Aryeh Leib Hurwitz masterfully presents the classic cantorial rendition of Kol Nidrei, the opening prayer of Yom Kippur.
What to do? Where to be? What not to do? We've assembled all the Yom Kippur basics on one easy-to-read page.
"The problem began," at this point Esther's voice is lowered into almost a whisper, "when my wonderful daughter met a man whom she planned to marry—and he wasn't Jewish..."
In 1951 my father, Rabbi Moshe Greenberg, was twenty years old and a prisoner in a Soviet labor camp in Siberia. That Yom Kippur, he faithfully prayed all the day’s prayers. All, that is, except for Kol Nidrei.
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