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High Holidays

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How we access divine mercy on the High Holidays
A central theme in the High Holiday prayers are the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy. Discover their deeper significance, mystical meaning and the powerful energy uncovered in calling forth G-d’s mercy.
Preparing Ourselves Spiritually for the High Holidays
We are all familiar with the themes of regret, repentance and confession associated with this time of year, yet there’s a more integral element we must first embrace if we want these days to truly be meaningful. (Filmed at Aventura Chabad in Miami, Florid...
Merging intimacy and awe in the High Holiday prayers
The High Holidays are often approached with fear, but a closer look reveals an inner core of divine intimacy along with human empowerment and illumination.
Jewish New Year’s Message from Itche Kadoozy
Rabbi Itche Kadoozy attempts to deliver a Rosh Hashanah message. 255 times.
The Jewish New Year
A deeper look into the meanings and customs of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year: From crowning G-d as our king to blowing the Shofar and dipping apple into honey.
A look at the history of this prayer as told through manuscripts held in the Bodleian Libary, Oxford, and in the Cario Geniza collection held at Cambridge.
To get you into the High Holiday spirit, enjoy this special presentation enacting highlights of the High Holidays prayer service as sung in many traditional synagogues. Featuring the Sasonkin brothers choir together with cantor Yisroel Goldfroind.
The origin of Rosh Hashanah greeting cards and wishes
Although sharing good wishes with family and friends in the lead up to Rosh Hashanah – in word and writing – seems so natural to this season; it isn't actually legislated in primary Halachik codes—although a 14th century book of customs, instructs to also...
A brief pre-Rosh Hashanah insight into letting go of unhealthy thinking and embracing meaningful mindfulness to access blessings for the New Year.
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