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Ezra the Scribe

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Ezra the Scribe: (a) (d. 313 BCE) Scribe, spiritual and political Jewish leader, and head of the Great Assembly. A year after the completion of the Second Temple by Jews who had returned to the Land of Israel, Ezra led a second wave of exiles back from Babylon. Ezra taught and encouraged the observance of the laws of the Torah, and copied and disseminated the books of Tanach. (b) A common Jewish name.
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Ezra the Scribe headed the religious revival of the people living in Israel at the beginning of the Second Temple era.
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After the seventy-year exile in Babylon, many of the Jewish people return to their homeland under the leadership of Ezra.
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348 BCE
Following their long journey from Babylon (see Jewish history for the 12th of Nissan), Ezra and his entourage arrived in the land of Israel to be near the newly built second Holy Temple in Jerusalem. A relatively small group came together with Ezra, the m...
348 BCE
A year following the building of the second Temple in Jerusalem (see Jewish History for the 3rd of Adar) Ezra gathered many of the Jews who had remained in Babylon and began a journey to the land of Israel. Though he certainly wanted to go earlier, his te...
313 BCE
Ezra, who led the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel after the Babylonian exile (423-353 BCE), oversaw the building of the Second Temple, canonized the 24 books of the Holy Scriptures ("bible") and, as head of the "Great Assembly" legislate...
347 BCE
Ezra, head of the Sanhedrin and the leader of the Jewish people at the time of the building of the Second Temple, made an historic address to a three-day assemblage of Jews in Jerusalem, exhorting them to adhere to the teachings of the Torah and to dissol...
Led the return to Israel in 3413 (348 BCE)
The story of Ezra the Scribe takes us back about 23 centuries, to the time when the Jews had returned from the Babylonian exile, had rebuilt the Beth Hamikdosh, and had begun to live a free life on their own native soil. In the year 3408, the construction...
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