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Thirteen Attributes of Mercy

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Thirteen Attributes of Mercy: G-d’s boundless capacity for compassion, especially as expressed in the granting of atonement
Why is "an abundance of truth" considered one of the attributes of mercy? Truth is a severe and honest judge, unwilling to overlook misdeeds and transgressions...
Maimonides teaches that the reason the Torah forbade the destruction of the beard is because shaving was a practice of ancient idol-worshippers.
A Kabbalistic meditation by the Ari for the month of Elul
1313 BCE
On the early morning of the 1st of Elul of the year 2448 from creation (1313 BCE) Moses ascended Mount Sinai, taking with him the stone tablets he had hewn by divine command (see "Today in Jewish History" for yesterday, Av 30), for G-d to re-inscribe the ...
The month of Elul till Yom Kippur
Forty Special Days
Understanding the Yud Gimel Midot Harachamim
The 13 Attributes of Mercy have been known to bring salvation and forgiveness to the Jewish people throughout the generations.
Maximize the Season of Divine Mercy
The Secret of the Month of Elul
The Lord is My Light!
Chapter 27 of Psalms begins, "By David: The Lord is my Light!" and is known by the Hebrew words, "L'David Hashem Ori." This psalm is customarily recited twice a day starting a month before Rosh Hashanah. What is the deeper meaning of this prayer and what ...
Kabbalistic meditations on Chanukah show that redemption depends on consciousness
During the month of repentance we are able to access lights usually beyond our reach
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