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“Have you ever noticed,” remarked the Rebbe, “how a horse paws angrily at the water with his hooves when it’s led to a stream to drink? Why do you think he does this?”
Jacob is the rope of His inheritance (32:9) The relationship between a Jew and his G-d is like a rope: the more the Jew pulls away, the tauter the bond grows; finally, the mounting pressure causes him to rebound with an even greater force of attraction th...
Horses neither chew their cud nor have split hooves.
It was an unusual job for a religious Jew, and his success aroused jealousy, even among his own artisans.
An old man was sitting in a carriage being led by two very old horses, trekking through the evening snowstorm with ease.
So this teenage kid pulls up to the shul on his speedy white horse, ties it to a post and swaggers in for a talk with the rabbi.
“Fools!” cried the coachman. “Do you think that I gave you to drink so that the hay you devour should be more tasty?”
He was so concerned that someone would attempt to steal his horse that he built a well-fortified barn, replete with iron doors and locks.
Are Red Straps Good for Horses?
It's no fun struggling to make ends meet. There is nothing romantic or exotic about living in a slum. Yet, sometimes it is the toughest times that accentuate our innate goodness.
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