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Maharal (R. Judah Lowe of Prague)

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5285 - 5369 (1525-1609)
Rabbi Judah ben Bezalel Loew was born about the year 5285, probably in Posen. He became famous as a great Talmudic scholar at an early age. In his late twenties, he was invited to become the Rabbi in Nikolsburg, Moravia, a position which he held for about...
Matzah illustrates how we were miraculously lifted out of the constraints of time and space.
Matzah illustrates how we were miraculously lifted out of the constraints of time and space.
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Rabbi Judah ben Bezalel Lowe, known as the Maharal of Prague was famous among Jews and non-Jews alike. He was a mystic who was revered for his holiness and Torah scholarship, as well as his proficiency in mathematics, astronomy, and other sciences. Eventu...
This week: All the city's children looked forward to the special Shabbat when the great rabbi would come up to the roof with them to feed the brids. What was the reason for this custom?
. . . and is it kosher to keep just a little bit?
My guru says I must first surrender my ego in order to proceed with his five-day, ten-step path to total enlightenment. Personally, I find my ego quite useful, even neccessary. What do you think? Are egos really as bad as they are made out to be?
Elul 18 is the yahrtzeit of Rabbi Yehudah Loewe, the "Maharal" of Prague (1525-1609), outstanding Torah scholar, philosopher, Kabbalist and Jewish leader. Popularly known for creating a "golem" (clay man) to protect the Jewish community of Prague from the...
On the Historic "Old-New Synagogue"
Learn about one of the oldest functioning synagogues in the world.
Rabbi Yehuda ben Betzalel Loew is considered one of the foremost Talmudists, Kabbalists and philosophers of all time.
A Story of Oneness By Dispersion
Exile and dispersion produced a miracle. It brought out an organic, irreducible oneness of our people that could not otherwise be imagined.
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