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Deuteronomy, the Book of

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Deuteronomy, the Book of: The fifth of the Five Books of Moses, records Moses' final message to the Israelites, delivered during the last weeks of his life. He admonishes them to remain faithful to G-d following their entry into the Land of Israel. The book concludes with Moses’ death.
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Sefer Devarim
The Book of Deuteronomy primarily contains Moses’ last will and testament to the Children of Israel as they are poised to enter the Promised Land.
A taste of Shazak Parsha, where the weekly Torah portion comes alive! Geared for kids... Great for adults!
Deuteronomy is the last act of the Jewish people’s drama before becoming a nation in its own land, and it forms the context of all that follows.
An introduction to the book of Deuteronomy and its uniqueness among the Five Books of Moses.
Sitting on Papa's or Grandma's lap eating cookies and sipping milk while listening to stories of a world bygone is the glue that cements the link of generations.
Why do we talk so much? Witness the endless self-explaining we engage in, the perpetual conversation we feel obliged to “make,” the quadrillions of words unleashed each day in every imaginable medium. Why this insatiable need to put everything into words,...
Soul Boost for Parshat Devarim
Why Is Deuteronomy 5 Different From Exodus 20?
In a strange twist, there are some significant differences between the original text in Exodus and the repeat recorded in Deuteronomy. The rabbis explained why.
Parshat Devarim
Ultimately, I trusted her to her own devices, realizing that it is time for her to experience independence. And perhaps that’s a bit like this week’s parshah.
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