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Leviticus, the Book of

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Leviticus, the Book of: The third of the Five Books of Moses, describes the inauguration of the Tabernacle, and contains many of the mitzvot, including the laws of sacrifices.
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There is a Kabbalistic principle that the beginning is wedged in the end, and the end is wedged in the beginning, so what is the connection between the end of the book of Leviticus and its beginning?
Lyrics: With these words Vayikroh does end These are the laws that Hashem does command Laws of Kedusha and all the Dinim Of the Mishkan, Korbonos and Kohanim Chorus: "If all my Mitzvos you will do All the world’s good I’ll give to you, The fields will blo...
Lyrics: Shemittah we observe Hashem we all serve Work on the land stops Nothing taken from the crops Chorus: Hashem’s world, Hashem’s land Shabbos does proclaim Hashem’s world, Hashem’s land Shemittah does the same What do we eat in the seventh year? For ...
Lyrics: Am Yisroel was told the reason For each Yom Tov in it’s season Yomim Tovim, our holidays Are times for us to sing Hashem’s praise On the fifteenth of the month of Nissan For Bnei Yisroel freedom had begun On pesach we review the history Of our bit...
Lyrics: If you do someone a favor Or cheer them when they are sad When you dance and sing at a wedding And make a choson and kallah glad If someone you know is suffering Help him all that you can You would not speak lashon hara If you loved your fellow ma...
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