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When we lift our feet, committing ourselves to one more good deed, our minds, and the Torah we are holding, are also able to dance...
In the end, the chassid he decided that he just could not meet the Karliner Rebbe’s demand. He respectfully took leave of the Rebbe and departed for home, but in his heart he felt resentful: how could a tzaddik request so much money for a blessing?
When I think of strudel, I also see much in common with the ultimate in sweetness and perfection, our holy Torah. Yes, strudel and Torah. How is that possible, you ask? Let me explain.
As Jews, we can be plagued by feeling different from those around us, leading us to compromise on the integrity of our own values in a bid to gain acceptance. In a talk to women and girls, the Rebbe highlights a quote in Maimonides that teaches us how to ...
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