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Torah, Power of

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The link to heaven seemed to pass away with Moses; from here on, the people would have to rely on their own analyses . . .
One Friday afternoon, a man knocked on the door of Rabbi Yizchak Aizik, rabbi of Vitebsk. “I have a din Torah (a matter of litigation),” he said. “I request that you hear my case . . .”
When I think of strudel, I also see much in common with the ultimate in sweetness and perfection, our holy Torah. Yes, strudel and Torah. How is that possible, you ask? Let me explain.
The Talmud on the giving of the Torah
Learn how fiery rock-shattering metaphors for Torah teachings are emblematic of Divinely-ordained diversity, poised to permeate all of existence with holiness. Likened to a governing force, Torah is cast as wielding powerful dominion containing the source...
The festival of Purim has a special connection to young children.
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