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Jewish Wedding, The

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The chuppah represents the new home, new life of two people bound together by marriage. To me, the chuppah also symbolizes the protection and love of the Creator.
Artist’s Statement: This is a painting of a bride, her guest, and her future mother-in-law at a traditional Jewish wedding in upstate New York.
Artist’s Statement: A Jewish couple under the chuppah, shaped as the trunk of a tree which represents their life together, sustained by the Torah and mitzvahs they’ll live by.
By Tova Raeburn
Artist’s Statement: The reuniting of two neshamas is an awe-inspiring, cosmic event and, on a deeper level, symbolic of the bond between G-d and the Jewish nation.
Artist’s Statement: Jewish wedding painted after seeing a quote from Hitler, “Anyone who sees and paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilized.”
By Sara Seldowitz
Artist's Statement: A Jewish couple under the chuppah (marriage canopy) is the beginning of a new family and entity; a holy moment that links generations of Jews together. We know from the Chassidic masters that the couple's deceased ancestors are spiritu...
For the first time in 80 years, Jews in the walled Russian city of Smolensk celebrated a traditional kosher wedding when two local couples held a joint ceremony on the grounds of the Chabad-Lubavitch center. Rabbi Levi Mondshine, director of the center an...
More than 400 people turned out to witness the nuptials of Yavgani Stradovtv and Bela Igorov in Tomsk, Russia’s first-in-a-century traditional Jewish wedding. The ceremony took place beneath a wedding canopy outdoors in the freezing cold.
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