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Jewish Wedding, The

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Gila grew up in an observant home, Ben's family was less observant. Gila didn't know why Yosef thought to put them together...
A couple can get married on the three days in between Yom Kippur and Sukkot. Holding a wedding on the day immediately before Sukkot is technically permitted, however Rabbi Abraham Gombiner (17th century Poland) writes that since the meal can easily encroa...
The secret to a successful relationship
Learning to accept (yours and others’) imperfections, flaws and deficiencies.
The other night one of my dearest friends was married. He had looked past his personal inhibitions, I had remained imprisoned by mine.
Before the wedding reception, the groom approached me and sadly explained that I should not expect any form of cooperation from his father during the ceremony.
This class spells out in great detail the halachic workings of the Jewish wedding and its spiritual and kabbalistic components.
Is it true that any Jewish person, not necessarily a rabbi, can perform the wedding ceremony?
The Mother of the Bride: A Diary
Dear Daughter: I've waited for this moment since the day you were born some twenty years ago. And yet, I feel thoroughly and utterly unprepared...
Truth be told, the idea of a "best man" is not a Jewish custom. Nevertheless, if there is a specific individual whom you wish to honor, a Jewish wedding offers many opportunities to do so. Examples of the tasks which can be delegated: He can hold the wedd...
Question: Recently I attended a Chassidic wedding in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. My question is, why are men and women separated by a partition? Answer: It must have been quite an experience for you to attend a Chassidic wedding! The reason for the partition...
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