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Jewish Wedding, The

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Dating, Weddings and Marriage in Jewish Tradition
Two can become one—when soulmates tap into the singular soul they share. Join us as we explore this quest for oneness, as empowered by the timeless laws and traditions of the Jewish wedding and marriage.
Soul Fusion
A Jewish wedding is a tapestry woven from many threads: biblical, historical, mystical and legal. Threads forming a chain of Jewish continuity which goes back more than 3,800 years . . .
The Jewish wedding is a powerful and uplifting event. Read about the engagement preparation period, the ceremony itself, as well as the week and year that follow.
Life’s journeys through the lens of kabbalah
Jewish Wedding Customs
Why the color white plays such an important role; why the bride encircles the groom; why the imagery of circles is repeated throughout the ceremony; and the meaning behind so many other marriage customs.
Life’s journeys through the lens of kabbalah
The Jewish Wedding Ceremony
Tap into the energy of a Jewish marriage by understanding the meaning behind the special customs and traditions of the wedding ceremony.
Understanding the Mitzvah of Marriage
The Jewish Wedding
A deeper look at some of the unique components of the Jewish wedding ceremony, and insights on the special mitzvah of marriage.
Simply put, no one can resist a storybook ending, especially one with a gin-u-wine Prince.
with Chaya Teldon
The Jewish Wedding
A discussion on some of the customs and symbolism at a Jewish wedding.
I'm planning my dream wedding but it seems to be turning out as a nightmare for everyone else. I want to get married on the beaches in Hawaii but a number of our family members can't travel that far or afford it. While it is very important for me to have ...
Gila grew up in an observant home, Ben's family was less observant. Gila didn't know why Yosef thought to put them together...
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